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About us

Help the Homeless Trust provides accommodation services to London’s homeless people.

We work with several landlords, Referral Agencies, Day Centres, Hostels and Supported Accommodation Services in London in order to provide a route for homeless people without deposit to have access to good quality landlords who will support the tenants with their needs. Rent of one month in advance based on the appropriate LHA rate is required. We offer support to our clients in obtaining this via a Social Fund Application.


 No Deposit Required

 No Fees Required

 Ongoing Support Provided

Through our service we have extensive knowledge of the legal obligations of Private, Council and Housing Association Landlords, as well as the benefits system, and so we can advise you on areas such as entitlements and queries on:

 Housing Benefit

 Non Means Tested and Means Tested Benefits

 Employment Support Allowance

 Disability Living Allowance

 Tax Credits

 Pension Credits

We work with a number of estate agents including to look for mixed accommodation for our supported accommodation providers.

All of our staff is member of the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

Homeless in London and UK

Our Vision

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